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Frequently Asked Questions

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- You have not completed all the required fields or information prior to submission.

If your error message was not caused by any of these issues, feel free to contact us.

You can read messages that BusinessConnect

You can edit or delete your classified at anytime through your My Account page, located in the main navigation bar. Here you will have the opportunity to edit/delete your classified, post a new classified, edit your account information, manage your favourite listings or even view messages that have been sent to you.

Everyone has the chance to create a classified for free. If you are looking for more exposure, you may be interested in purchasing a classified package that will put your advertisement in the spotlight.

Free listings do not allow pictures. If you are purchasing a classified advertisement package, you will have the opportunity to upload images when first submitting or at a later date. The number of pictures varies depending on which package you purchase.

At this time, the business classifieds are only available for Canadian entrepreneurs and business owners. All that is required is setting up a free account!

Your classified will be seen by entrepreneurs and business owners all over Canada. Anyone who is visiting BusinessConnect

1. Click the new classified button on the sidebar or go to 'add new classified' on the main navigation (under Classifieds).

2. Select your desired package - more exclusive packages will have more options.

3. Fill out all the fields with information about your advertisement.

4. Submit your classified. At this stage, some packages may require payment.

5. That's it! Your new business classified is activated. Wasn't that easy?